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WorkShop Installation and Licensing Guide


1. Preparing for Installation

Compatibility Issues
Keeping Previously Installed Developer Products Software
Version Compatibility Exceptions

Recommended Configurations
System Configurations
Required Disk Space

Installation Sequence

Solaris 1.x (SunOS 4.x) Installation

2. Getting Your Licenses

Completing the License Request Form

Contacting the Sun License Center
Contacting the Sun License Center Using Email
Contacting the Sun License Center Using a Fax
Contacting the Sun License Center Using the Telephone

3. Installing Product Software

Keeping Previous Software Versions

Installing Software

Installing Patches

Setting MANPATH and PATH Variables

4. Installing Your Licenses

Configuring Your License Server
Single Independent Server Configuration
Multiple Independent Server Configuration
Redundant Server Configuration

Installing Your Licenses
Installation Using the Graphical User Interface
Installation Using the Command-Line Interface

Setting Up Your Multiple and Redundant License Servers
Multiple Independent Server Setup
Redundant Server Setup

Checking Your License Files
The licenses_combined File
Elementary License Files

5. Managing Your Licenses

FLEXlm License Management Software
The License Manager Daemon
The Vendor Daemon
The License File
The Application Program

WorkShop Installation Media

The daemon_options File
Taking Down the License Daemons
Restarting the License Daemon
Starting the License Daemon on Solaris 1.x

Important License Administration Tools
Using the License Manager Daemon Functions
Monitoring the Status of Network Licensing Activities
Having the License Daemon Reread the License File
Identifying the License Library Version
Getting a Hostid for a System
Removing a User's License
Diagnosing License Problems
List of Important Commands

If the License Server Goes Down

Upgrading Your Operating System

Location of Important Files

Troubleshooting Common Licensing Issues
Reviewing the Log Files
Changing the License Server Hostname
Recovering a Lost License
Releasing a License
Finding Out the Installed Version of FLEXlm
Making Sure the Licenses Are Installed
Verifying the License Software Status
Fax and Phone License Installation Typing Errors
Installing FORTRAN 77 Compiler

Getting Additional Help

6. Managing the Software

Product Software Functions and Commands
Removing a Software Product
Listing Installed Software
Elementary License Files on Product Servers

Developing Distributed Objects

Software Installation Troubleshooting
Confirming SUNWdthep and SPROesrt Package Installation
Using the SUNWlibC Package

7. Using Online Documents

Accessing WorkShop AnswerBook Documents
Removing an AnswerBook Package

Viewing HTML Documents

A. Installing Domain-Based Password Licenses

Introduction to Domain-Based Passwords
Getting Domain-Based Passwords
Installing Domain-Based Passwords
DNS Domain Name for Current Machine

B. General Licensing Information

FLEXlm Licensing
FLEXlm Components
How Network Licensing Works
How Many License Servers Should You Use?
A Licensing Strategy Guide
Example 1: Single Independent Server Configuration:
Joe's Number-Crunching Shop
Example 2: Multi -Platform Environment:
Marble Entertainment
Example 3: Multiple Independent Server Configuration:
Coyote Financial Services
License Certificate Information
Certificate Denominations
Divisibility of Multiple RTU License Certificates
Getting Upgrades
Adding Rights for Additional Licenses
Changing License Servers
Start of Warranty
Network License Questions and Answers

C. WorkShop Products and Packages



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