Sun WorkShop Compiler C++ 4.2 documentation:

C++ User's Guide
Describes how to use the Sun C++ Compiler to write programs in C++. Covers the C++ compiler options, pragmas, templates, exception handling, and more. Intended for the experienced C++ programmer.

C++ Library Reference Manual
Describes how to use the complex, coroutine, and iostream libraries, and lists the manual pages (man pages) for these libraries.

Tools.h++ User's Guide
This manual is an introduction to using Tools.h++, Rogue Wave's foundation class library. It is intended for users familiar with C++. If you are not familiar with C++, you will find several books of interest in the Bibliography.

Tools.h++ 7.0 Class Library Reference

Describes how to use the Tools.h++ class library, and a set of C++ classes that can simplify programming while maintaining efficiency.

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