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WorkShop Teamware: Solutions Guide



Managing SunOS Development With TeamWare

Project Description

Case Study Overview

Basic Configuring Concepts

Organizing the Workspace Hierarchy
Building and Testing Executables
Isolating Test Workspaces
Managing Release-Level Workspaces

Automating Builds Within Configuring
Organizing the Workspace Directory Structure
Organizing the Source Directory Structure
Coordinating Makefiles
Using DMake
The ws Utility
Other Custom Utilities
Using File List Programs

Registering Public Workspaces With NIS

Workspace Hierarchy Strategies for Software Development and Release


Workspace Hierarchy Levels
Optimizing Integration
Peer-to-Peer Updates
Concurrent Development
Unanticipated Releases

Remote Software Development Using the Configuring Tool


The Remote Development Process
Transferring File Changes Between Sites
Final Notes

Strategies for Deploying Configuring in Software Development Organizations


Before Configuring
The Configuring Solution
The Transition Plan

Getting the Most From the Configuring Tool Notifications

Typical Use of Notification

The Ins and Outs of mail

Mailing a Policy Statement

Other Uses of Notifications

Parsing Mail Messages
Typical Mail Message
Copying the Message
Parsing Techniques

Deleting Files From the Configuring Tool Workspaces

Using Makefiles With TeamWare

Source and Makefile Hierarchies
Self-Contained Makefiles
Direct Inclusion of Makefiles
Nested Inclusion of Makefiles

More About Configuring and Makefiles
Makefile Contents
Makefiles as Derived Source
Generated Makefiles
Controlling Generated Makefiles
Devguide as Makefile Generator
Makefiles Using Built-In make Features

Using Makefiles With DMake
Improving Performance With DMake
Listing Dependencies Explicitly in Makefiles
Controlling DMake With Special Targets
Using DMake Serially

Using the Configuring Tool File List Programs

Levels of FLP Use
Using Directory FLPs
Specifying an FLP Directly
Replacing the Default Directory FLP

FLP Execution Context

The Default Directory FLP

Directory File List Programs

Customizing the Default Directory FLP
Finding Auxiliary Files with def.dir.flp
Finding Auxiliary Files With Secondary Scripts

When to Use Custom FLPs

Configuring and the File System -- Outlying Files and Security Issues

Copying and Linking Outlying Files
Wrapping Configuring Commands

Security and Access Control

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