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Sun WorkShop TeamWare: User's Guide



1. QuickStart

Basic Concepts
Parent and Child Workspaces
Source Code Control System
Changing Names



Distributed Make

2. Introduction

How to Use the Documentation Supplied with TeamWare

3. Introduction to TeamWare Configuring

Coordinating the Work of Software Developers

Copy-Modify-Merge Model
Copy-Modify-Merge Example

Default Configuring
Copying Files between Workspaces
Resolving Conflicts

4. Introduction to Merging

Differences Defined
Current, Next, and Previous Difference
Resolved and Remaining Difference

Graphical Overview
Merging Window
Merging Glyphs

5. Starting a Project

Moving an Existing SCCS-Based Project to Sun Workshop TeamWare

Moving a Non-SCCS Software Development Project to Workshop TeamWare

Converting an RCS Project to Workshop TeamWare
Further User Notes

Starting a New Software Development Project with Workshop TeamWare
Configuring a Workspace Hierarchy
File Transfer Considerations

Product Release Considerations

Coordinating Access to Source Files

6. TeamWare Configuring User Interfaces

TeamWare Configuring Command-Line Interface

TeamWare Configuring Graphical User Interface

Starting TeamWare Configuring
TeamWare Configuring Windows
Configuring Window
Customizing the Configuring Program Using Properties

7. TeamWare Configuring Workspace

The Workspace Metadata Directory

Creating a Workspace
Using Workspace Create
Using the Bringover Create Transaction

Deleting a Workspace

Moving and Renaming a Workspace
A Note About Moving Workspaces

Reparenting a Workspace
Two Ways to Reparent Workspaces
Reasons to Change a Workspace's Parent

Controlling Access to Workspaces
Viewing and Changing Access Control Values

How to Notify Users of Changes to Workspaces
Viewing and Changing Notification Entries
Notes About Registering Notification Events

Viewing Workspace Command History

Ensuring Consistency through Workspace Locking

Configuring Environment Variables
The CODEMGR_WS Variable

8. Copying Files between Workspaces

Configuring Transaction Model

General File Copying Information
SCCS History Files
Viewing Transaction Output
Specifying Directories and Files for Transactions

Copying Files from a Parent to a Child Workspace (Bringover)
Creating a New Child Workspace (Bringover Create)
Notes about the Bringover Create Transaction
Updating an Existing Child Workspace (Bringover Update)
Notes about the Bringover Update Transaction
Bringover Action Summary

Copying Files from a Child to a Parent Workspace (Putback)
Updating a Parent Workspace Using Putback
Notes about the Putback Transaction
Putback Action Summary

Reversing Bringover and Putback Transactions with Undo
Notes about the Undo Transaction
How the Undo Transaction Works

Renaming, Moving, or Deleting Files
Renaming Files
Deleting Files
Notes about Renaming Files

9. Resolving Conflicts

Conflict Resolution Process
Changing Names

Detecting Conflicts
Detecting Conflicts during Bringover Update Transactions
Preparing Files for Conflict Resolution

Resolving Conflicts
Resolve Transaction

10. Administering the Workspace

Starting a Project with the Configuring Program
Moving an Existing Project
Starting a New Project

Structuring Your Workspace Hierarchy
File Transfer Considerations
Product Release Considerations

11. How the Configuring Program
Merges SCCS Files

Merging Files That Do Not Conflict

Merging Files That Conflict
An Example of Merging

12. Configuring Example

Creating Workspaces

Putting Back Changes

Updating a Workspace

Resolving Conflicts

13. Error and Warning Messages

Error Messages

Warnings Messages

14. Performing Basic SCCS Functions with Versioning

Typical Sessions
Changing Names
Putting a Project Under SCCS Control
Working with a Project Under SCCS Control
Getting Help on the GUI or the CLI

Commands: Manipulating Files
Checking Out and Checking In Files
Editing a Checked-Out File
Checking in a New File
Unchecking Out a File

View Option: Changing Versioning Properties
Changing the Main File List Display
Defining an Editor
Changing the Double-Click Action
Changing the History Graph Display
Changing the History Information Display

15. Starting and Loading Merging

Changing Names

Starting Merging from Sun WorkShop

Starting Merging from Sun WorkShop TeamWare

Loading Files from the Merging Window

Starting Merging from the Command Line
Basic Startup Command
Command-Line Synopsis
Loading Two Files at Startup
Loading Three Files at Startup
Loading Files from a List File

Saving the Output File

16. Examining Differences

Moving Between Differences

Resolving Differences

Automatic Merging

An Example
Starting Merging
Examining Differences
Saving Output File

17. Introduction to FreezePointing

Changing Names

How FreezePointing Works

Starting FreezePointing

Creating a Freezepoint File

Viewing or Modifying a Freezepoint File

Recreating (Extracting) a Source Hierarchy
Notes about Using FreezePointing

Details about the Freezepoint File
What is a SMID?
Why are SMIDs Necessary?

SMID/SID Translation
Translating SIDs to SMIDs
Translating SMIDS to SIDS

18. Troubleshooting Versioning
and FreezePointing

Troubleshooting Checklist

Reporting Problems

Error Messages

Display Problems

19. Building Programs in Sun Workshop TeamWare

Building a TeamWare Target

Building With Default Values

Building With NonDefault Values

Modifying a TeamWare Target

Fixing Build Errors

20. Using DistributedMake

Basic Concept of Distributed Make
Configuration Files
The DMake Host
The Build Server

What You Should Know About DMake Before You Use It
DMake's Impact on Makefiles

How to Use DMake
Controlling DistributedMake Jobs
Getting Help on the GUI or the CLI

21. Dealing With Release Matters

Integrating Your Changes

Performing Master Builds
Establishing Nightly Builds

Performing Releases
Organizing a Release
How the Release Process Works


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