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WorkShop: Beyond the Basics



Part 1 --Using Distributed Make

1. Using DistributedMake

Basic Concepts

What You Should Know About DMake Before You Use It

How to Use DMake

Part 2 --Performance Tuning Multithreaded Programs

2. Multithreaded Concepts

Basic Concepts

The WorkShop MP/MT Solution

Other Sources of Information

3. Analyzing Loops

Basic Concepts

Setting Up Your Environment

Creating a Loop Timing File

Starting LoopTool

Using LoopTool

Other Compilation Options

Compiler Hints

Compiler Optimizations and How They Affect Loops

4. Analyzing Threads

Basic Concepts

Compiling and Instrumenting the Source

Running an Experiment

Starting Thread Analyzer

Exiting Thread Analyzer

Loading a Trace Directory

Navigating the Thread Analyzer Glyph Hierarchy

Thread Analyzer Menus

Thread Analyzer Usage Scenarios

Part 3 --Visualizing Data

5. Data Visualization

Basic Concepts

Specifying Proper Array Expressions

Automatic Updating of Array Displays

Changing Your Display

Analyzing Data

Fortran Example Program

C Example Program

Part 4 --Advanced Debugging

6. Runtime Checking

Basic Concepts

Using RTC

Using Access Checking

Using Memory Use Checking

Setting Options

7. Using Fix and Continue

Basic Concepts

Fixing Your Program

Continuing after Fixing

Changing Variables after Fixing


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