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WorkShop: Getting Started



Part 1 --Welcome to WorkShop

1. About Sun WorkShop

Integrated Development Tools

Three Integrated Editors

WorkShop Picklists and WorkSets

Performance, Debugging, and File Management Tools

WorkShop Visual

Sun WorkShop TeamWare

Multithreaded Development Tools

Internet WorkShop

WorkShop Compilers
Compiler C++
Fortran 90 Compiler
Fortran 77 Compiler
C Compiler
Pascal Compiler

Part 2 --Developing Programs in WorkShop

2. Starting Sun WorkShop

Opening WorkShop

Selecting and Using Text Editors

Getting Started with WorkSets and Menu Picklists
Adding Items to WorkSets and Menu Picklists

3. Building Programs in Sun Workshop

Building a WorkShop Target

Building With Default Values

Building With NonDefault Values

Modifying a WorkShop Target

Fixing Build Errors

4. Debugging A Program

Debugging Features

Quick Start

Quick Mode
Advantages of Quick Mode
When to Use Quick Mode
How to Switch to Quick Mode
Quick Mode Example

5. Browsing Source Code

Understanding Browsing
Pattern Searches or Source Browsing?

Browsing Features

Relationship of Browsers and Graphers

Quick Start
Using Pattern Searching
Using Source Browsing
Graphing Calls
Graphing Classes
Browsing Classes

6. Analyzing Program Performance

Performance Profiling in WorkShop

Collecting Performance Data
Types of Data You Can Collect
Frequency of Sample Collection

Analyzing Performance Data
Types of Data You Can View and Analyze
Display Options
Comparing Samples
Reordering Program Functions
Exporting Experiment Data

7. Merging Source Files

Understanding Merging

Starting Merging
Loading Files

Working with Differences
Current, Next, and Previous Difference
Resolved and Remaining Difference
Understanding Glyphs
Moving Between Differences
Resolving Differences

Merging Automatically

Saving the Output File

Part 3 --Appendixes

A. Setting WorkShop Resources

Which Resource File?
Resources Available for Editing
Changing a Resource
Changing Wide Character Fonts in Hyperlink Windows
WorkShop Resources
Hperlink Resources
Motif-specific Resources
ESERVE Resources


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