WorkShop 4.0 documentation:

WorkShop: Getting Started
Explains how to start up WorkShop, set a default text editor, and perform basic development operations using the main components and features of WorkShop. Shows users how to build an application using WorkShop default values, perform basic debugging steps in Debug Quick Mode, browse source code, and analyze performance data.

WorkShop: Beyond the Basics
Contains information about the advanced programming, debugging, browsing, and visualization applications in the WorkShop product suite, including: Dmake, LoopTool, Thread Analyzer, Source Browser, and WorkShop Visual. Intended for advanced developers who are building, analyzing, debugging or optimizing distributed, multithreaded, and/or multiprocessor applications and programs.

WorkShop: Command-Line Utilities
Provides a reference for all of the Workshop commands that you can run from a shell.

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