Digital UNIX


The following are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corporation:

ALL-IN-1, Alpha AXP, AlphaGeneration, AlphaServer, AlphaStation, AXP, Bookreader, CEDA, DDIS, DEC, DEC Ada, DEC Fortran, DC FUSE, DECnet, DECstation, DECsystem, DECterm, DECUS, DECwindows, DTIF, MASSBUS, MicroVAX, OpenVMS, POLYCENTER, Q-bus, TruCluster, TURBOchannel, ULTRIX, ULTRIX Mail COnnection, ULTRIX Worksystem Software, UNIBUS, VAX, VAXstation, VMS, XUI, and the DIGITAL logo.

UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Ltd.

Updated: October 4, 1995