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Source Distribution

The Am-utils home page is located in


You can get the latest distribution version of Am-utils from


Alpha and beta distributions are available in


Revision 5.2 was part of the 4.3BSD Reno distribution.

Revision 5.3bsdnet, a late alpha version of 5.3, was part of the BSD network version 2 distribution

Revision 6.0 was made independently by Erez Zadok at the Computer Science Department of Columbia University, as part of his PhD thesis work. See section History for more details.

Bug Reports

Before reporting a bug, see if it is a known one in the bugs file. Send all bug reports to amd-dev@majordomo.cs.columbia.edu quoting the details of the release and your configuration. These can be obtained by running the command `amd -v'. It would greatly help if you could provide a reproducible procedure for detecting the bug you are reporting.

Providing working patches is highly encouraged. Every patch incorporated, however small, will get its author an honorable mention in the authors file.

Mailing List

There are two mailing lists for people interested in keeping up-to-date with developments.

  1. The older list, `amd-workers' is for general "how to" questions and announcements. To subscribe, send a note to amd-workers-request@majordomo.glue.umd.edu.(2) To post a message to this list, send mail to amd-workers@majordomo.glue.umd.edu.
  2. The developers only list, `amd-dev' is for To subscribe, send a note to majordomo@majordomo.cs.columbia.edu with the single body text line `subscribe amd-dev'. To post a message to this list, send mail to amd-dev@majordomo.cs.columbia.edu. To avoid as much spam as possible, only subscribers to this list may post to it. Subscribers of `amd-dev' are most suitable if they have the time and resources to test new and buggy versions of amd, on as many different platforms as possible. They should also be prepared to learn and use the GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool packages, and of course, be very familiar with the complex code in the am-utils package. In other words, subscribers on this list should be able to contribute meaningfully to the development of amd.

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