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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The available documents were last updated on 01 Feb 2006. Complete updates are performed monthly (by an automated procedure which does sometimes fail). Documents might be newer that that when an update is in progress.

If you need a publicly redistributable FAQ document which isn't mirrored here yet, you can request it by sending a message to staff@fis.unico.it

386BSDThe FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD Operating Systems[an error occurred while processing this directive]
AIXThe AIX Operating System by IBM08 Oct 1999
CThe C Programming Language30 Dec 1998
CGIThe Common Gateway Interface24 Jul 1999
Compressioncomp.compression FAQ06 Sep 1999
CP/MThe CP/M Operating System21 Jan 1999
Digital UNIXThe Digital UNIX Operating System by DEC (COMPAQ)17 Nov 1998
EmacsEmacs Editor FAQ11 Feb 1999
e-mailUNIX Email Software Survey FAQ13 Dec 1999
e-mail-abuseThe Email Abuse FAQ06 Aug 1998
e-mail-filteringFiltering E-mail17 Oct 1996
e-mail-findHow to find people's E-mail addresses27 Dec 1999
ELMElm Mail User Agent FAQ30 May 1997
FORTRANThe FORTRAN Programming Language04 Jan 1997
FORTRAN 90The FORTRAN 90 Programming Language13 Dec 1999
GNUPlotcomp.graphics.apps.gnuplot FAQ11 Mar 1996
GNUsGnus (Emacs Newsreader) FAQ 20 Dec 1999
LinuxThe Linux Operating System by Linus Torvalds13 Oct 1998
MetaFontThe MetaFont FAQ25 Jul 1997
NetAbuseThe Net Abuse FAQ23 Dec 1998
NovellNovell Netware FAQ22 Mar 1999
OpenLookOpen Look FAQ25 Jul 1997
PinePine Mail User Agent FAQ23 Sep 1998
qmailQmail FAQ04 Dec 1998
Sendmailcomp.mail.sendmail FAQ03 Jan 2000
Solaris 2The Solaris 2 Operating System by SUN15 Nov 1999
TCP/IP Domainscomp.protocols.tcp-ip.domains FAQ15 Sep 1998
TeXThe TeX and LaTeX FAQ09 Feb 1996
textcomp.text FAQ24 Dec 1999
UNIXThe UNIX Family of Operating Systems28 Dec 1999
UNIX/ProgrammerUnix Programming FAQ25 Sep 1999
UNIX/SocketUnix-socket-faq for network programming21 Apr 1999
UNIX/Shell-differencesUNIX shell differences and how to change your shell14 Jul 1997
UNIX/BASHThe UNIX Bourne Again Shell21 Dec 1999
UNIX/ZSHThe UNIX Z-shell28 Dec 1999
vivi Editor FAQ21 Dec 1999
VimVim (vi Improved) Editor FAQ10 Feb 1998
VMSThe OpenVMS Operating System by DEC (COMPAQ)03 Dec 1999
Windows 95Win95 FAQ08 Oct 1999

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