A.1 What is this "FAQ" file?

This FAQ file is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, both administrative (how do I use this list?) and informational (where do I find this, how can I use this correctly?), that are asked often enough that it would be of general interest to post the answers to them periodically.

A.2 How can I get the FAQ?

An index version of this ASCII FAQ is mailed every other Monday to the novell@listserv.syr.edu. The full ASCII FAQ is available by FTP at:

Utah State (US)

Original Novell FAQ location:

New Novell FAQ location: ftp://netlab1.usu.edu/novell.faq/NVFAQHTM.ZIP

Brazil ftp://ftp.coppe.ufrj.br/mirror/novell/faq

Also, NVFAQHTM.ZIP (everything!) and the 3 other common files are at:


Via Gopher at: gopher://rphs33.physik.uni-regensburg.de/00/News/FAQs/Novell-NetWare-FAQ

And via the World Wide Web in HTML, ASCII, zipped ASCII and its entirety at:

Utah State (US) http://netlab1.usu.edu

Florida (US) http://amelia.db.erau.edu/novell/faq/nov-faq.htm

Salford (UK) http://www.salford.ac.uk/ais/Network/novell/nov-faq.htm

Scotland http://mft.ucs.ed.ac.uk/novell/faq/nov-faq.htm

Wales http://www.meirion-dwyfor.ac.uk/uccuwww/novell.faq



Denmark http://www.dfm.dtu.dk/netware/faq/nov-faq.htm

Portugal http://www.ua.pt/novell/nov-faq.htm

South Africa http://www.nugsa.org.za/novell/nov-faq.htm

Brazil http://www.coppe.ufrj.br/novell-faq/nov-faq.htm

Hungary http://naec.mti.bme.hu/novfaq/nov-faq.htm

Sweden www.petena.se/support/novfaq/nov-faq.htm

Canada http://www.micro.org/novell/faq/nov-faq.htm

Czech Republic http://www.jh-inst.cas.cz/novfaq/nov-faq.htm



the Netherlands:


There is also a copy of the HTML FAQ at...well, what does it matter, the site is firewalled...

A.3 How are questions added to the FAQ?

This FAQ is maintained as a service to the group. Most editorial opinions are those of the FAQ maintainer; if you disagree or spot an inaccuracy, or have a new question *with* answer that you would like included in the FAQ file, please email me directly faq@jelyon.com and I will attempt to include it in the next edition. I will edit answers to make the style consistent, but I cannot research answers.

A.4 Things that should be in the FAQ but currently aren't

Many items could be included in the FAQ, if people wish to contribute in any of the following areas (or create a new area):

- documenting/explaining the NetWare console SET commands (a guide to the set commands is in progress; to be included in the FAQ in a a couple of weeks. I hope! - JEL)

Last Updated: April 07, 1998 / JEL