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This is the home page for the HylaFAXTM telecommunication software.

- If you want to use the software and are impatient, try this synopsis.
- If you have a problem with the software, check out the troubleshooting chapter.
- If you have a question, consult the HylaFAQ or search the mailing list archives.
- If you are looking for a source or binary distribution, read these instructions.
- If you want an annotated list of all online documentation, check out the table of contents.

If this is your first encounter with this software you should start with the overview section and follow the (Next) button at the bottom of each page to get a top-to-bottom reading of the most important material. You will also find that each page has a (TOC) button that takes you to an annotated table of contents for this documentation.

(Next) HylaFAX overview (first time users start here) (TOC) HylaFAX table of contents

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