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Addressbook Usage and Conversions

6.1 How do I "paste" from the addressbook into the text of a message?

Pine does not currently support this directly, but here is a work-around:
  1. Move the cursor to the Cc: line.
  2. Enter the nickname or press Ctrl-T to search the addressbook and select the entry.
  3. Use Ctrl-K to delete that address from the Cc: line.
  4. Move the cursor where you want it in the body of the message.
  5. Press Ctrl-U to insert the address.

6.2 How do I convert Berkeley Mail aliases to Pine Addressbook?

The Pine source distribution includes a shell script to do this in the contrib/utils directory. It is called brk2pine.sh.

6.3 How do I convert Elm aliases to Pine Addressbook?

From: Klaus Wacker <wacker@Physik.Uni-Dortmund.DE>

I wrote my own perl script, which I claim digests everything elm accepts and converts it into something pine accepts. Please tell me if you find otherwise. I intend to use this script regularly to keep system-wide aliases and addressbooks in synch. The source is available from

6.4 How do I convert a CMS "names" list to Pine Address Book?

From: Greg Johnson <ccgreg@showme.missouri.edu>

I made a perl script to do just that:


-- Greg Johnson, U of Missouri Columbia Campus Computing

6.5 How do I convert from Pine Address Book to/from the equivalents in Eudora, Netscape, Pegasus, ... ?

Joseph Davidson has created a WWW site to perform conversion between the address book of Pine and a number of other address book/data file formats at
http://www.interguru.com/mailconv.htm (we have not tested this).

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